• Love, Engagement, and an Umbrella

    Throughout the shoot, I constantly looked around to see what the light was doing to mentally prepare for the next image. I noticed that the clouds to the east were getting very dark and the temperature was dropping. As we finished and began walking back to the car, I took another look around and saw that the sunset had the potential to be amazing.

  • Visualize the Masterpiece

    Ansel Adams spoke of the concept of visualizing your image often and is just as meaningful today as it was when Ansel was shooting large format film in Yosemite. The same discipline applies for Ansel as it does for us regardless of the screen on backs of our cameras. Without looking at the preview on the camera, we need to visualize the image fully in our minds with consideration to the process of how we edit, print and display our image.

  • From Brides to Post-Apocalyptic

    I’ve had many conversations with other photographs about “why should they want to shoot models when they are landscape photographers”, or “what’s the point of learning macro and focus stacking if they only shoot sports”. In short, I believe studying all disciplines of photography will give us skills that can be used in any other photographic discipline.

  • Fisherman on Dillon Beach

    Embracing Tough Lessons

    …After more than 25 years of shooting full-time for my groceries, I have come to learn that the moment we believe we are either good, learned all we need, or take our eyes off the ball, we are setting ourselves up to fail, and if we are not careful, someone will move our cheese.

  • Why I Love Aperture Priority

    I can hear it now—Aperture Priority? Pros only shoot on manual! Nope, that’s just another thread of misinformation that gets people confused and misled. First and foremost, there are advantages to one method over another, but all that matters is, did you get the shot?

  • Taking Photos is Only 10% of What I Do

    I’m not trying to scare you away from making photography your career. I just want you to have an advantage going into a highly competitive, over saturated and often undervalued profession that is photography. If you think there’s no room for you and an over-saturated market means you can’t make a living, then you would be wrong.

  • Hello Capture One, Goodbye Lightroom

    With so many RAW editors on the market today it’s hard to decide which is the best. Well let me just say, there is no “best”. What works best for you is what matters.

  • Walk Slow and Read

    Some time ago along with a few friends, my wife and I decided to spend a couple weeks in the backcountry in and around Yosemite. Although we had never done backcountry camping before, we were open to the adventure. Our destination was a lake some 12 …

  • Zion Infrared pano shot with the Nikon Z6

    Why Infared is Awesome

    Have you ever wanted to take a peek into a hidden world, another visual universe, or see the unseen? Well… you can with infrared photography.

  • My Nikon Z7 Makes Me Happy!

    Nikon’s Z7 does make me happy!  It’s a solid piece of equipment that’s professional and ready to go to work right out of the box.

  • abstract fire image by Troy Miller

    Creatively Obsessive

    When I’m in the world, I wanna edit everything! There is a smudge on that wall in a restaurant that I could take care of with a little clone stamp or that lampshade that’s a little crooked. How about the spot on your buddy’s shirt or the scratch on your car door…

  • Print That Thing!

    Do you print your images? And I don’t mean those tiny 4×6 or 8×10 photos that your printer kicks out on occasion if the printer head isn’t plugged from lack of use. I mean really print 30”, 40” and bigger. There are those of you that answered that questions with an enthusiastic “YES, of course, I do!” The rest of you—Shame! 😉