Troy is a highly accomplished wedding, portrait, and commercial photographer in Los Angeles, California for 25+ years. In addition to being an award-winning wedding photographer, Troy has a unique creative eye. Troy’s photographs of smoke, flame, ice and seaweed are surreal and this work is in great contrast to his wedding photography, as he has the freedom to experiment and try new techniques. Troy captures his subjects with great passion and emotion, creating a connection between the viewer and an image.

When he’s not busy capturing magnificent images, Troy pours his creativity into building his own concrete and steel furniture, refurbishing truck engines, and going target shooting.

Troy is the proud recipient of local, State, National and International awards for his photography. He is a highly sought after trainer in Photoshop and Lightroom, and is a proud volunteer with several local photography organizations.

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Troy is a member of Premier Artist Collection (PAC), where a selection from his full body of work is available for purchase as expertly produced, museum grade acrylic prints. Visit his PAC portfolio to explore his collection.