2 comments on “Hello Capture One, Goodbye Lightroom

  1. Thanks. A couple thoughts:

    1. I’ve been less than impressed with Luminar. Even as an amateur photographer, Luminar as a **stand-alone** tool doesn’t do it for me. However, you’re right … it does provide fodder for creativity. And I also think you are right in that I should keep an eye on it. The concept is cool. The AI is cool. Hopefully some day it is ready for prime time.

    2. I’ve been reading some Capture One vs. On 1 info. Your info gave me some useful info,l on lather One, and I think I’ll try it out soon, and I’m glad to know I can use the Luminar plugin with it.

    3. Scott Kelby’s book on Photoshop gives a ton of good info on Camera Raw. I had never really pondered its usefulness, but I feel like I’ve come close to becoming seriously proficient with it in a very short period of time. As far as basic post processing, you can dial in a raw image in just a few minutes. If you recall the practice portrait of my wife I submitted for critique in TWiP Pro a couple episodes ago … Camera Raw and a couple extra content aware healing brush strokes only. Same with the kids sitting in the window in Amsterdam … Camera Raw only.

    Of course, there’s only so much you can do with it before you have to pop the image into photoshop. But I think it is a great tool for basic postprocessing of things like photojournalistic shots, street photography, etc. Definitely gonna keep Camera Raw in my toolbox.

    Great article. Thanks again.

  2. Spicyjello on Jan 2, 2019 1:10 am

    Thanks for the read Thomas. The flood of software choices are overwhelming, especially when most don’t know what they actually need. I think it’s best to know our options and make a switch only when we see a need rather than switch or adopt new software because we belive it will make us better. Knowledge is key.