Nikon D5

My primary wedding camera

Nikon D850

My primary wedding camera

Nikon Z7

Absolutely amazing! Daily use for me

Nikon Z6

Converted to Infrared at Spencer Camera

Nikon Z Series 24-70 f4.0

Great lens

Nikon 24 f1.4

Favorite for nighttime landscapes

Nikon 70-200 f4.0

Lightweight wedding day regular

Nikon 105 Macro

Great for macro but also fantastic for portraits

Nikon 70-200 f2.8

Solid for portrait and daily use

Nikon 24-70 f2.4

One of my essentials

Sigma 85 1.4 Art Series

LOVE this lens for portraits

Nikon SB-5000 Speedlites

My everyday lights with the Nikon wireless system

Mindshift Backpack

Best bag on the trail

Gitzo Tripod

Light and sturdy

Arcatech Ballheads



Capture One Pro

The “Gold Standard” for me

Adobe Lightroom

A solid RAW editor

Adobe Photoshop

Perfect for pixel pushing

Affinity Photo

Great Photoshop alternative for amazing focus stacking, panos, HDR, etc.

Photo Mechanic

Super fast for browsing and culling


Fantastic AI editing — Use code SPICYJELLO for $10 off

Aurora HDR

Best HDR software — Use code SPICYJELLO for $10 off

Final Cut Pro

Love for editing videos


Perfect for screen capture videos


Makes me write smart


Spider Holster

Camera Holster System and Handstrap

I couldn’t work without these

Wacom Tablet

Absolutely necessary for post-processing

Palette Gear

Great addition to my workflow

Shuttle Pro

A “must-have” for me

Peak Design Camera Strap

Amazing straps

Lightning Trigger

The only way to capture lightning

Lume Cubes

Waterproof and perfect for extra light

iPhone Apps

Moon Seeker, Sun Seeker, PhotoPills, & Dark Sky Weather

Sun, Moon, and Solar System tracking machines!

Companies I love

Miller’s Professional Imaging

The printing masters


My go-to for albums

Rice Studio Supply

Great delivery bags

Spencers Camera

My choice for Infrared Conversion — Use code SPICYJELLO25 for $25 off anything over $200


I’m grateful to be invited as a frequent educator for organizations throughout Southern California. Check out the links below for some of my most recent in-person events and webinars.

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