• The Magic of 4 Megapixels

    There’s been a lot of new gear hitting the streets these days, so I thought I would follow up my last post with an actual shoot with a 15yr-old Nikon D2h just see what it used to be like…

  • How Much Camera is Enough?

    Back in 2003, I was shooting weddings on a Nikon D2H that cost me $3,999. It was amazing and I thought How could this get any better? After shooting film for almost 10 years with Hasselblad and Nikon F5S, this was a dream camera…

  • SpaceX Falcon 9 launch captures with a Nikon Z7

    Nikon Z7 and SpaceX

    … That was the moment when my brain screamed: “Where’s my camera?!”. After calmly driving down the streets of our neighborhood and finally reaching our driveway, I ran into the house to grab a camera. I have three to choose from: the Nikon D5, D850, or the new Nikon Z7.